check the charge I did check it I’m getting a good microphone reading on that one so good alright guys we’ll put the power back in and little off we’ll start it up on the inside I’m a big fan of this type of disconnect that’s what it is I gotta just start it up on the inside.

We’ll check the charge what do we got here looks like a little three tunnel I changed the cap I’ll leave you know instructions on what I did I want to check the charge that’s what you call a dry clean you can get them pretty clean like that and I change the cap was a little wimpy let me get my gauges on and then we’ll start it up and we’ll check my high and we’ll set yeah.

It’s gonna be for a I’m connected connected connected mama oh yeah I’ll go start it up check it out pick up my light – what bulbs six the inside so filters are gonna have to get some new filters I got them all for now doing good I’m gonna check the charge now looks like that’s possibly closed you got the grill clothes knowing the way he’s not getting any cool air we have to grow.

clothes dummy this one here is open that one’s open that one’s open it’s open ah ah that’s probably why it wasn’t cooling this one’s open they’re all open I’m just checking them yeah this one’s open – so little low on yeah so that’s just a unit let’s see what anything she’s awake uh she’s awake up on the Freeland you can see she’s low on gas over the castle what someone’s in there let’s go to flash through this up to maybe four or five and under star too much put a little bit in and let it let it run definitely.

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