way that fear will come in and that makes startups a lot harder and I’ve kind of felt that pretty viscerally with you know filament labs especially in the beginning days when things weren’t looking so well like there were days where I was like I really hope that-no one asked me what I’m working on today cuss I really fucking don’t want to tell them I might even make something.

Up like I don’t feel confident about this right now and yeah so fear is a really real thing and I think to mitigate that getting as much experience as a student will really help you as you go forward how did you balance’s and starting businesses how did you they got I just find it pretty difficult so I’m wondering how you did it yeah Mean inks is a lot of work right ton of work I was able to balance.

it because like a ton of the Local Houston Movers ekes curriculum especially if you’re computer science guy like it’s all you can work on your company right so all the master’s design stuff like that can all be company related things and it was for us I also you know priority right so like definitely do your stuff with the like I think getting good grades is pretty damn important because like you want to think at that level but you can find time to work on your startup foreclosures man you know yeah so talk to usa little bit about do good what’s interesting to me about that one is it wasn’t actually a product for sale so.

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